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While a lot of DJs have gravitated to the “bass” sound after years of spinning Hip-Hop and the like, HPNTK is part of a different breed – he is one of the younger upstarts who grew up immersed in bass culture, and is just naturally aligning his love for the subs with his affinity for Southern Rap. Combine that with his love for creating music, and you’ve got the pulse of the future of this movement in the palm of your hands.
2005 was the year that this young soundboy started combining his loves, and quickly amassed a fat collection of mash-ups and remixes, while still starting out in the ATL music scene. With Atlanta being one of the Mecca’s of Southern Rap over the last decade, as well as having a renowned scene full of dubstep and Drum & Bass crews and events, it’s almost like two freight trains crashing together and creating this selector. HPNTK’s been pushing the THUGSTEP sound through his remixes, as well as five acclaimed Dirty South Thugstep mixtapes, which have distinguished him from the growing number of producers and DJs who are latching onto the scene nowadays. He already has the Internet on smash, with a number of his remixes and mixtapes making the rounds on like-minded blogs and websites, but he has no problem dividing his time between smashin’ dubstep nights in varying clubs, and keeping the ravers yearning with his pulsating mixes. He’s one of the few DJs who get mention when speaking on the bass movement in the A, and for good reason.
2013 was a massive year for HPNTK, being covered by EDM blogs like Run The Trap & Do Androids Dance as well as mainstream publications such as Rolling Stone, Vibe Magazine, and MTV Hive. He earned multiple Beatport Top 10 spots with his tunes, and headlined LA, Philly, San Diego, Vegas & New Orleans — while still holding down multiple residencies in his city, and as he sights up 2014, everyone knows he’s just getting started.


1 May 2014